Despair Glass Whiskey Tumblers

Despair glass whiskey tumblers have been created by a dozen distinctive glass businesses. From the most generally applied one hundred fifty despair glass models, at least twenty 5 expert melancholy glass whiskey tumblers of their assortment. The Hocking Glass Firm (afterwards termed the Anchor-Hocking Glass Corporation) was essentially the most prolific – with eight distinct styles. The Imperial scotch whiskey set Company, the Hazel-Atlas Glass Corporation, furthermore the Paden Town Glass Company just about every specific skilled a handful of distinct patterns.

Whiskey tumblers variety in peak from the one and three-quarter inches to 3 inches tall and typically hold from 1 to 2 ounces of liquor. The elemental form is spherical furthermore they never ever have stems or are footed. Crystal was one of the most well-liked, with a few variations such as coloured trims. Eco-friendly and pink glass have been getting subsequent and third in level of popularity. Even so, a full rainbow of colours is usually located commencing from amber to crimson to blue to cobalt to amethyst.

Two types, Block Optic and Moondrops, skilled several proportions of whiskey tumbler. The Block Optic sample experienced one particular certain and two ounce measurements, which had been the two equally designed from the hues pink and eco-friendly. The Moondrops pattern experienced three various whiskey tumblers: an each day two ounce tumbler, a handled two ounce tumbler, in addition to a double shot tumbler. Though blue and crimson are already the principal colors, other colors have been designed in addition.

Although prohibition was in influence even though from the U . s . from 1920 to 1933, melancholy glass whiskey tumblers have been staying remaining created and promoted. Though it is challenging to establish with particular certainty, sample generation dates would exhibit that about fifty percent wound up designed through the entire prohibition many years. Often, the depression glass styles that were manufactured in a number of colors usually be easier to find out at the moment. Several of the types that are tougher get hold of and for that reason command elevated costs are: Mayfair Open Rose, Peacock and Wild Rose, Moondrops double shot, Springtime, American Pioneer, and Ardith.

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